Senin, April 26


Hey, guys. I'm back after I'm in hiatus for many weeks,LOL.
I was so busy with National Examinations, School Examinations, and etc etc.
And it hasn't come to an end. I still have Practical Examinations. I'm just getting enough of it and I'm pretty sick of it. Someone please help me restrain from these crazy things T_T

So.. Actually I'm updating my blog because tomorrow is the day of ICT Practical Examination and the material is BLOGGING. YES, BLOGGING. Somehow I hate hearing this word since I haven't mastered BLOGGING. hehe..

I, actually, we, all of 9 grade C students have no idea what will come up tomorrow for the practical exam. So we just randomly study today, and yes, that's why I come randomly too here posting this post. LOL

Btw, I'm interested in ULZZANG MAKEUP these days, so I think I will come up to post about ULZZANG tomorrow. Maybe some of you haven't heard about this ULZZANG term. I will explain it tomorrow ! So, keep being curious ! =)


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