Jumat, Februari 5


Hello folks.
This is my first time to post something in my brand new blog, Sweet Escape
So far I've made 2 blogs, and none of them are up to date..I'm a terrible blogger.
But I hope I will be more dilligent on updating this blog.
Well, I'll talk whatever I want here, about daily life, school life, love life, and of course my LOVE of my life, FASHION !
So before I start to talk whatever I can talk,
Here is my introduction (:

Just call me Bella or Bebe. I'm 14 years old here, and will be 15 years old in a very short time!
What should I introduce more? Just ask me.


Okay, so that was my introduction..LOL
Just keep in visiting my blog and drop some comment (:

I'll upgrade very soon.
Later,folks ! ♥

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