Jumat, Februari 5

she thinks that I am a ...

person with low attention to my friends.

I'm laughing in my back when I heard this..

but I think it's real that I'm a typical of "don't care girl" because I often don't mind about my surroundings and just think about my own problems.
It's something like when people talk about me in my back, whatever it's about, whether good or bad things, I don't really care..
because I believe in THE WAY I AM. LOL

well, I think people' thoughts are different each other, just like when you compare the definition of beauty about one person to another. So, there is no end in discussing about their thoughts.
That's why I chose to DON'T CARE.

Thanks to my teacher, I have realized that I should care about my friends more and try to protect them from this cruel world *walah lebay*
I'm still kinda confused how to express to them that I really care about them. Anyone got idea? :)

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